SYNLawn Northeast Ohio Vice President Amanda Wilkins praises the city’s team of dedicated staff and residents for working so closely with SYNLawn to create the installation for the community. When it opened, Barkwood Dog Park had 117 members. The popular park quickly amassed more than 400 who own more than half of the city’s dog population.

“Our residents like to be in the know,” said Carmen. “Amanda and her team were great with educating us on the composition of the turf, and I’m thrilled to learn that we’re standing on U.S. soy as residents of one of the top soy-producing states.”

In fact, according to Carmen, the soy story is the key for any other municipal entity deliberating between grass and turf.

“The person who can see the value in turf has to have a vision and realize the great lifecycle benefit,” said Carmen. “There are no lawn mower emissions, no water, and virtually no maintenance. Plus, by using American-made SYNLawn, you’re not only curbing dependence on foreign oil, but you’re also helping the American soybean farmer.”

To see the community of Barkwood Dog Park, visit their website here.

SYNLawn’s EnviroLoc™ backing replaces up to 60 percent of petroleum-based polymers with biobased materials, including soybean oil.  The grass is recyclable, made in America and conserves water. To learn more about SYNLawn, visit